Aroma Collections are games to train and develop the sense of smell.

Tasting depends 70% on the sense of smell, so it is possible to know whether a drink is first-rate or not even before drinking it. Wine, beer, and cachaça have a variety of characteristic aromas, more or less intense, incorporated during their lives in different phases of the production process. By training the sense of smell we learn to identify and name aromas quite precisely. Distinguishing them allows us to understand how the spirit of a liquor touches ours, and why each one causes us new and unique sensations.

What they are for

The aroma collections guide us through the delights of tasting at the same time they are distractive and a boost to our knowledge. They enable us to taste a beverage with more pleasure; to discover which is our preferred wine, beer, or cachaça; to choose the better liquor for each occasion, and to harmonize it with our favorite foods and appetizers. The collections also teach the terminology to describe the sensations felt in tasting allowing us to participate in tastings with other experts. We can play alone, with relatives or friends; anyway, they are relaxing games, which transform the apprenticeship into entertainment. Check it out, you will enjoy!

How to use

It is simple; just follow the manual instructions. The ones that follow are to play with the “Nose of Wine Connaisseur” collection, and we have chosen it for being the most professionalized of our sets also used in sommelier and oenology courses.

  1. We recommend not using perfume, especially on the hands, since it can impair the sense of smell.
  2. Before starting, get some paper towels, a notepad, and a pen.
  3. Choose a bottle inside the box without reading its number, use a paper towel to open the cover and leave it apart wrapped in the paper towel.
  4. Cut a piece of the smelling tape that comes within the set and wet it in the chosen essence.
  5. Gently inhale the moist smelling tape and pay attention to your sensations and reactions to the aroma trying to discover what it is. Write down your first impressions.
  6. Get the illustrated card deck that comes with the collection, read the number of the bottle, pick up its correspondent card, and put it next to the moist smelling tape. Compare the aroma with its description on the card then read your notes; you may be surprised!
  7. Smell no more than 5 or 6 aromas consecutively since the sense of smell saturates very easily.
  8. Always neutralize your sense of smell between inhalations by smelling the coffee beans that come within the set.
  9. The ideal is to practice when relaxed or wanting to relax.

The importance of high-quality essences

It is necessary to understand the importance of using high-quality certified essences. It is impossible to train the sense of smell with fragrances that do not correspond exactly to their purest natural aroma, which is why our aromatic essences are submitted to rigorous quality control, from the origin to bottling, and faithfully reproduce the aromas of nature. The use of non-certified essences may cause allergies and intoxications and can induce wrong aroma evaluations.

:: Use the aromatic essences only as indicated; do not swallow or apply on the skin, and keep them away from children. The essences are not recommended for asthmatics. To better preserve the aromas, after using close the bottles tightly, put them back into the box, and keep it away from heat and humidity.

:: The bottles and their covers are numerated to avoid that changing covers alters the aromas contained in each bottle.