Liquors have distinct souls; tasting them exploiting our five senses is inspiring and pleasant as it allows us to experience all their peculiarities, as well as discerning the impressions they cause us at different stages of tasting.

  • Vision stimulates the desire. Color and its nuances, transparency and clarity make us want to taste a beverage.
  • Sense of smell communicates the first impressions, whether good or bad.
  • Touch comes after the first sip. Let the drink disperse in your mouth paying attention to the sensations it triggers.
  • Taste may be enjoyable or not. Liquors agreeable to touch and taste are the ones we swallow quite easily as they “go down gentle and softly”.
  • Audition transmits to us the fascinating effervescence of the champagne; the gratifying cracking noise of the tongue after a mouthful of cool beer, and the ardency of furtive quietness identifying a good cachaça.