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Recipe of chef Franklin Guanabarino, Vernissage Restaurant - Penedo, Rio de Janeiro

“Dream of Babette” - Grilled sea bass with flambé shrimp and strawberry sauce served with Piemontese rice

  • 6 servings
Season 6 filets of the fish with salt and lemon; slightly pass them in white flour and fry the filets in a bit of hot rice oil until golden.
Fry quickly in a little hot oil 36 medium size or 18 large shrimps already seasoned with salt, lemon and white pepper powder. Flambé with brandy.
Pass some strawberries in caramel sauce with a pinch of cinnamon powder. Flambé with brandy and add it to the shrimps.
Serve the sea bass with the shrimp and strawberry sauce accompanied by Piemontese rice.
Side Dish
Piemontese Rice

3 cups of rice,
2 tablespoons of oil,
1 cup of white wine,
6 cups of chicken stock,
1 cup of single cream,
1/2 cup of ground parmesan cheese,
1 egg yolk,
1/2 cup of sliced Paris mushrooms,
Salt to taste.


Sauté the rice in oil and salt, pour the wine, put the chicken stock gradually and stir until cooked. Add the yolk and the cream, stir until creamy, and put the cheese and the Paris mushrooms. Garnish with parmesan and serve..


White fruity wines such as Gewürztraminner or Riesling.

Frankin Guanabarino


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