In 1998, the entrepreneur, oenophlilist and sommelier Daniella Romano, influenced by the undisputable importance of scents in tasting, idealized and produced a wine aroma collection called “Nose of Wine”. Its success originated the creation of “Nose of Beer”, “Nose of Cachaça”, and other proper personalized sets.

Daniella’s father, an Italian descendant, loves to tell stories about operas; places of the world; wine-producing; vines, and wines. As in all Italian families, conversations are cheerful and wine is part of everyday meals, but throughout her infancy Daniella was not allowed to drink it however she always enjoyed the wine scents. From her mother, she learned something that also would play its role in her adult life. By making Daniella pay attention to flying butterflies; singing birds; heart beatings; the lungful of air; the perfume of wet land after rain or of flowers and herbs in the garden, she taught her child love for nature. From vacations at the beach, Daniella remembers well the first thing her father always did as soon as they stepped on the sand: buy pineapple ice cream. “To hydrate”, he used to say. Until now, every time she smells pineapple the memory of that beach cheers her up. For all this, Daniella believes it was during her childhood that, without even noticing, her sense of smell sharpened and the love for aromas, wine, and nature began.

Years later, receiving some friends for dinner she offered a Chardonnay. While serving the wine its aroma immediately took her back to that beach and she asked herself: was the perfume of childhood, seashore or ice cream? The doubt upset her, but soon she realized that training her sense of smell it would be possible to recognize and name scents the same objective way we all learn to nominate letters, numbers, colors and so many other things. Daniella studied, researched, and worked on the art of tasting to finally create the aroma collections thinking they would offer others, in a simple and fun way, the opportunity to improve their own sense of smell and become skilled in the art of tasting.

Selected among the best, the aromatic essences went through scrupulous tests of quality and durability conducted by experts in the sensorial area. The excellence of the chosen aromas required a kind of wrapping with the same value, distinction, and durability, once the purpose of AROMAS DO VINHO always had been to offer a product that families could appreciate throughout generations. Therefore, the association with the company “Caixas de Madeira” — — which works with certified woods, whose cutting is protected by a sustainable environmental handling plan of IBAMA - Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources. The partnership revealed to be ideal because environmental sustainability is the foundation of both companies.

The carbon emissions from the industrial activities of AROMAS DO VINHO are neutralized by a forest reserve located at Serra do Mar and a reforestation in the state of Rondônia, both belonging to the firm. In doing so, the company is not only dealing the planet with reverence, but also the customers that will enjoy the products the same way AROMAS DO VINHO produces them: preserving the environment.