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Recipe of chef Bruno Stippe – Tavern “C... que sabe!”

Pasta with Shrimp and Italian Bacon

  • 2 servings

350g of spaghetti pasta cut thick,
100g of small shrimp peeled,
4 large shrimps peeled,
6 slices of Italian bacon (pancetta),
½ cup of chopped onions,
2 cloves of minced garlic,
1 ½ cups of diced tomato sauce with grated carrot,
¼ cup of capers,
1 tablespoon of Genovese pesto,
¼ cup of chopped parsley,
¼ cup of fresh basil,
4 tablespoons of olive oil,
1 small goblet of cognac,
Salt and ground black pepper.


Cook the pasta until al dente, drain. Sauté the onion in olive oil until light brown. Add the shrimps; salt; black pepper; garlic; stir well until shrimps cook, and flambé them with cognac. Add the pesto and stir well. Set the 4 large shrimps aside. Add the Italian bacon to the mixture, and let it brown. Pour the tomato sauce, let it boil, and add parsley. Toss the pasta already cooked and drained with sauce; divide in two portions; put 2 large shrimps on top of each one, garnish with fresh basil and a little olive oil. Serve.


To harmonize with this plate, Bruno and journalist Roberto Rabachino, both sommeliers, have chosen the wine Gran Reserve Boscato Merlot.

Bruno Stippe

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