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Recipe of Chef Patrice Martineau - Peter Restaurant at The Peninsula Tokyo Hotel, Japan

Part I
Poached breast and Sauce
Cooking time: 40 minutes

15 bresse poularde breasts
1 bottle of champagne
2 L chicken stock
200g shallot
1L cream
150g butter
200g mushroom


Cook the breasts in the champagne and add the remaining ingredients;
Put each breast in a cooking bag with a little champagne sauce and steam them for 15 minutes;
Reduce the rest of champagne sauce to a creamy veloute;
Remove the breasts from the cooking bags, slice them, and warm up in the sauce for a few minutes.

Part II
The Celery Duo + Chestnuts
Cooking time: 20 minutes
1k chestnuts, sous vide
2 celery roots
1 bunch celery stalks
1L chicken stock
20g butter
200g single cream
1 lemon
10g girolle
2g shallot


Cut the celery root in juliennes;
Cook the juliennes in cream and chicken stock for 5 minutes;
Roast the chestnuts in butter;
Slice the green celery and blanch it in salted water;
Roast the girolle in butter and add the shallot;
Pour the creamy celery in a bowl and on top of it place the poularde, the chestnuts, the girolle, and the green celery;
Garnish with a splash of lemon juice, salt, and pepper.


For a perfect match with this plate Patrice Martineau and Joseph Sampermans have suggested:
Deutz Blanc of Blancs Brut 1998, Pouilly Fumé or light red e.g. a light South African pinotage.
1. Deutz Maison Lafite Champagne.
Aromas: grapefruit; flowers; white peaches, and toasted.
2. Loire Pouilly Fumé.
Poilly Fumé has an unusual flavor for a dry white wine: a strong flavor of musk and smoked..
3. Light African Pinotage.
Light red.

Sr. Joseph Sampermans

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